Dental Piezosurgery

What is Piezosurgery?

Piezo (short for piezoelectric) surgery is a minimally invasive operation technique that uses high frequency ultrasound waves to cut bone during dental modification procedures, such as osteoplastic amputation, dental implant surgery, and tooth extractions- while protecting the surrounding soft tissue. 

Piezosurgery is a recent surgery technique (developed within the last 20 years) and is most commonly used in the periodontology and oral implantology fields. 

Piezosurgery is performed using ultrasonic equipment like the Traus SUS10.

Piezo surgical equipment can also be used by dentist for root canal preparation, ridge modifications (augmentation and expansions), and orthodontic procedures. The technique is also used by periodontists and implantologists.​

Piezo surgical equipment is preferred over traditional instruments because of the advantages and benefits it provides the user and patient:

  • Requires less hand pressure to operate for increased control

  • Less invasive

  • Does not cut soft tissue

  • Creates less damage to tissue (promotes faster and better healing)

  • Produces minimal heat

  • Increased visibility during procedures due to lack of blood in the work area

Piezosurgery Equipment

Piezosurgery Unit