Portable Endo Motor

What is an Endo Motor?

An Endo motor is a file used to perform endodontic procedures, such as root canals. Endo motors are made from Nickel-titanium (NiTi) and are easily recognized by their miniature heads (Contra Angle handpieces) that provide security of sight when working in tight and hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Endo motors are categorized as rotary (moving clockwise) or reciprocating (moving back-and-forth).

The Traus Endo motor functions as a rotary file which minimizes debris in the canal, gives the user better control of the handpiece. The Traus Endo motor handpiece is also cordless, making it portable. Other features include:

  • Auto stop function

  • 2 type auto reverse functions

  • Quick charging

  • 8.5 hour battery usage life

MSRP $700

Traus Portable Endo Motor System

Contra Angle Handpiece​

ACL(B) - 41EP (Standard)

This Traus Contra Angle handpiece functions as a rotary file and works with all Traus Dental Implant motor systems, as well as most other implant engine systems.

  • 20:1 Gear ratio

  • Max RPM 600

  • Weight 1.2 oz



This dental handpiece charging base is compatible with the portable Traus Endo Motor handpiece. This equipment charges the handpiece quickly and allows for 8.5 hours of use.

  • Charging time 2.5 hour

  • Using time 8.5 hour


System Features

Additional System Components