Traus X-Cube 

The X-Cube is an implant motor system used for embedding dental implants into the bone. 

  • 9 custom presets function

  • Automatic overload protection

  • Real-time RPM TORQUE view system​

  • Motor Auto-calibration function​​

  • Up to 55Ncm Torque

  • Compatible with E-type handpieces

MSRP $1,800

E-type Motor


  • 50,000RPM

  • Weight 7.5 oz


  • Output 48VA

  • W205x D210 x H136

  • Weight: 7.3lbs

Product Components

Contra angle handpiece
E-type Motor
Foot controller(Option)
lrrigation tube
Motor cap
for autoclave
Tube holder
Tube clamp
Motor stand
Power cord
Spanner for angle handpiece
Instruction manual